Latina/o/x Studies Honors Recipients

  • 2019
    Marcone Correia, “Making Boston Brazilian: Overcoming Immigrant Challenges Through Local Economic Action”

    Jennyfer Galvez-Reyes, “Cultural Citizenship and Public Health: Bienestar’s Emergence and Approaches to the AIDS Epidemic in Los Angeles”

    Katrina Martinez, “Up, Up, and A-Wepa: Performing Puerto Rican Identities in La Borinqueña”

    Eduardo Ávalos, “Negotiating Neighborhood Change: Utopias and Spatial Reclamations in Boyle Heights”

  • 2013
    Andrea Lindsay, “Exploring the ‘Real Definition of Local’: Food Justice Activism in Los Angeles”

    Taisha Rodriguez, “Negotiating Health Care at the South Bronx’s Lincoln Hospital”

    Emily Schwab, “English for the Parents: The Marginalization and Silencing of Language Minority Parents in Massachusetts’ Bilingual Education Debate”

  • 2010
    Kevin Delucio, “Challenging silences, creating visibility: queer Latino self-identity negotiation and community formation”

    Faye Whiston, “Puerto Ricans and the Catholic Church in Waterbury, Connecticut”

    Silvia Juliana Mantilla Ortiz, “Roots rituals ruptures”

    María G. Chancay, “A transcultural approach to Latina adolescent sexuality and gender identity”

    Luz María Gómez, “Golden cages: an ethnography of Acatlán de Juárez, Jalisco, Mexico and its ‘Hijos Ausentes,’ 1986-2008”

    Hannah Kathryn Noe, “Redefining and gendering victimization and criminalization: the Guatemalan/Mayan community of Indiantown, FL (1982-2008)”

    Paulette M. Rodriguez Lopez, “Conflicting Historiographies: Puerto Rican and Native Hawaiian Resistance to US Imperialism”