October 20–22, 2017
Oakley Center
Williams College
Williamstown, MA 01267


FRIDAY, October 20

Coffee: 9:00–9:30 AM

Welcome: 9:30–10:00 AM


Panel 1| 10:00–11:30 AM | Mapping Colombianx Spaces across the Americas

“El Hueco: Theorizing a Colombian Metaphor for Undocumented Migration”
Jennifer Harford Vargas (Bryn Mawr College)

“Colombia Park: Pan-Latino, Transnational Urbanism in the Midst of Gentrification”
Johana Londoño (University at Albany, SUNY)

“Silence in the Terminals: Investigating U.S. Airport Surveillance of Colombian Immigrants between 1975-1995”
Marcela Osorio (Williams College ‘15)

“‘The Fault of the Jelly’: Interpreting Colombianxamerican Dispossession in the U.S. Landscape from the Green Revolution to Plan Colombia”
John Mckiernan-González (Texas State University) and Cary Córdova (University of Texas, Austin)


Lunch: 11:30–1:30 PM


Panel 2 | 1:30–3:00 PM | Screening Colombianidades: Scripts, Images, Audiences

“Chicanx Feminist Analysis of Masculinity in Narcos”
Diana Zúñiga (University of Washington, Tacoma)

“The Future of a Brown Nation?: Manny as the Incorporated Latin(o) Citizen in Modern Family”
Yamil Avivi García (Northwestern University)

“(Un)Modern Family: Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, the Myth of the U.S. Colombiana, and the Modern Quest for Belonging”
John Rodríguez (Williams College ‘18)

“Moments of Recognition: Globalizing Latina/U.S. Colombiana Girlhood in Bomba Estéreo’s ‘Soy yo’”
María Elena Cepeda (Williams College)


Break: 3:00–3:20 PM


Panel 3 | 3:20–5:00 PM | Theorizing Literary Diaspora and Exile

“Imagining a U.S. Colombianx Diasporic Literature”
Arielle Concilio (University of California, Santa Barbara)

“Gabo’s Journeys: Spiritual Experiences Lived by Colombians in the United States”
Néstor Gómez Morales (University of Denver and Iliff School of Theology)

“La dialéctica del exilio en The Veins of the Ocean”
Astrid Lorena Ochoa Campo (University of Virginia)

“Imposed Exile and Diasporic Estrangement in Vida”
Catalina Esguerra (University of Michigan)


SATURDAY, October 21

Coffee: 8:00–9:00 AM


PANEL 4 | 9:00–10:30 AM | Queering Aesthetics of Violence

“Dialogue across Artistic Borders in the Colombianx Diaspora”
Eileen McKiernan González (Berea College)

“Mi casa, su casa: Shakira and the Colombo-Transnational Queer Performance of Home”
Sergio Manrique (Williams College ‘15)

“Fatness and Violence in the U.S.-Colombian Borderlands”
Yesenia Barragán (Dartmouth College)

“en ese terrible día…: Performing the Trans-American Gothic in Carlos Motta’s Réquiem”
Cathryn Josefina Merla-Watson (University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley)


PANEL 5 | 10:50 AM–12:20 PM | Political Awakenings

“‘¡Paz, paz, que entre dos bandos no hay más!’: The Critical Role of Colombia’s Youth Diaspora in the Creation of Peace”
Camilo Andrés Romero (Independent Scholar)

“Transposing Transnational Trans Identities: Classroom Disciplines, Bodies, and State Identities”
Paula Natalia Mejía (Williams College ‘19)

“The Political Attitudes of Colombian-Americans”
Angela X. Ocampo (University of California, Los Angeles) and Angie N. Ocampo (University of Pennsylvania)

“On Butterflies, Viruses, and Visas: Comics and the Perils of Diasporic Imagined Communities”
Héctor Fernández L’Hoeste (Georgia State University)


Lunch: 12:30–2:00 PM


PANEL 6 | 2:15–3:45 PM | Navigating Assimilation Imperatives

“Navigating Ethno-Racism in the American Workplace: The Experiences of Colombian and Puerto Rican Computer Engineers in the U.S.”
Lina Rincón (Framingham State University)

“Female Beauty in New York’s Little Colombia”
Viviana Benjumea (Williams College ‘14)

“Colombian and Dominican Children of Immigrants Growing Up in New York City: Parallel Experiences of Identity Negotiation, Divergent Life Trajectories”
Debora Upegui Hernández (City University of New York)

“Crafting Colombianidad in Philadelphia: Dialogues of Here and There, Then and Now”
Diane Garbow (Independent Scholar)


Break: 3:45–4:05 PM


PANEL 7 | 4:05–5:35 PM | Spaces of Embodiment: Race and Gender in Diaspora

“‘Am I a Person of Color?’: Racial Migrations of White Bogotanx in the U.S.”
Mercedes López Rodríguez (University of South Carolina)

“Belleza natural: Nature, Beauty, Race, and Politics in el Concurso Señorita Independencia de Colombia”
Michelle Nasser (Independent Scholar)

“Blackness, Heritage, and Belonging in Cartagena’s Tourism Economy”
Isabel Porras (University of California, Davis)

“Embodied Geographies of Colombianidad: Race, Citizenship and Colombianx Transnationalism in New York”
Ariana Ochoa Camacho (University of Washington, Tacoma)



Coffee: 9:00–10:00 AM

(Limited to invitees)

*Panel moderators TBA

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