Professor Erika Camacho | “Stranger in a Strange Land: How I Found My Place in Academia”

OIDE/the Davis Center and Math/Stats welcome Professor Erika Camacho
Friday, April 21

1:00             Technical talk to the math/stats department “The Role of RdCVF in the Health of Cone Photoreceptors”.

2:00–3:45    Small group meetings with students, including the women in math group. Please have students contact
Christopher Goh if they would like to meet with Erika in one of these smaller groups.

4:00             “Stranger in a Strange Land: How I Found My Place in Academia” Wege Auditorium

Abstract: Having grown up in East Los Angeles, California, Dr. Erika Camacho understands many of the struggles that students and women of color must endure in striving to attain their academic and professional goals. Dr. Camacho will be sharing her life experiences as well as the challenges and pitfalls she had to overcome to thrive in STEM and achieve her personal and professional goals. She will share stories about the key individuals and decisions that contributed to her success and transformation, including highlights of her research and the adversities she faced. Dr. Camacho will also share her passion for social activism and continual drive to transform the world of academia and strengthen our communities. Her life story is full of insights and lessons of empowerment for all.