The Honors program in Latina/o Studies provides a wonderful opportunity for students to explore an area of interest to them in depth. Students work closely with their advisor and two readers to produce a substantial piece of scholarship or other form of presentation (e.g. video, art, theatre) in the interdisciplinary field of Latina/o Studies. The thesis program aims to provide students with the maximum flexibility for pursuing their interests, while assuring the rigorous standards of excellence required to receive Honors at the completion of their project. The final project, completed over one semester and winter study, may be a research thesis of thirty to sixty pages, or another form of presentation, or combine a shorter research thesis with another medium.

  • Declared concentrator
  • Grade point average generally of at least 3.3 in LATS courses
  • Approval of project proposal in spring of Junior year
  • The honor’s course and winter study are in addition to the five courses required for the concentration.
  • Juniors must submit a project proposal via email to Professor Jacqueline Hidalgo by 4:00pm EDT on Friday, May 13.
  • The proposal should include the project’s aims and methodology, identify the student’s advisor for the project, and include evidence in competence in the relevant media for non-thesis forms.
  • The proposal should be no longer than 5 pages.
  • After your proposal is approved, you should meet with your advisor to discuss your research plan for the summer.
  • After your proposal is approved, your advisor, in consultation with the Chair, will identify two additional readers for your project.
  • Over the summer, you should begin your project.
  • During the first two weeks of the fall semester, you will submit to your advisor and your readers a 5-8 page revised proposal with an annotated bibliography.
  • If you are doing your thesis during the fall semester, you must provide one chapter or its equivalent to your advisor and your readers by Thanksgiving break.
  • If you are doing your thesis during the spring semester, you must provide one chapter or its equivalent by the end of the second week of the spring semester.
  • Your advisor will set additional deadlines for you to submit your work and your readers may request additional work from you.
  • Your finished thesis will be due to your advisor and your readers at least one week prior to your oral presentation and defense.
  • It is your responsibility to be familiar with and to meet the College set deadlines for submissions of honors theses, and their other requirements, which are available on the Library web page.
  • Just because you have been accepted into the Honors program does not mean that you will receive Honors. This is not automatic and on-going communication with your advisor and your readers is critical. Whether or not to award honors, as well as your semester and winter study grades, are determined by the Latina/o Studies Program, and includes your advisor and two readers.
  • Time will go much more quickly than you anticipate. Figure out the deadlines and work backwards, making sure that you leave time for your advisor and readers to read and for you to revise.
  • Missing deadlines may result in you not receiving Honors for your work.