Welcome to Latina/o Studies at Williams College!


Latina/o Studies students with One Day at a Time cast members Rita Moreno, Justina Machado, Isabella Gomez, and producer Gloria Kellett.


Latina/o Studies at Williams College is a dynamic, interdisciplinary program that offers a five course concentration and the opportunity for students to complete a senior honors thesis. Students from all backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to take courses and pursue a concentration in Latina/o Studies.

Latina/o Studies focuses on the unique experiences of those who immigrated from or whose ancestors come from Latin America and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, including Mexican Americans/Chicanas/os, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Cubans, Colombians and Salvadorans, among many others. The wide variety of Latina/o Studies courses offered by the Williams Latina/o Studies faculty provide a rigorous engagement with the complex historical, social, political, and cultural contexts of a diverse U.S. community that currently numbers well over 40 million. At Williams, Latina/o Studies courses are interdisciplinary, comparative, and transnational, and include collective research and community-based learning opportunities.

Latina/o Studies at Williams also occupies a prestigious position as the only free-standing liberal arts Latina/o Studies program in the United States. As a result, we are able to offer a range of courses and opportunities that students are unlikely to find at comparable institutions.